Developing a good strategy is hard.
Executing that strategy can be even harder.

PrestonEdward understands this challenge and works to help you achieve the intent of your most complex, innovative, and bold transformations.

PrestonEdward provides a practical approach to helping you achieve the intent of your most critical transformations while building your strategy execution capability into a competitive advantage.


Engage and align leaders and enable them to provide resources, remove obstacles, and take responsibility for success.


Build a compelling case for change, define a clear vision, determine performance metrics, and measure results.


Mobilize commitment by involving and informing relevant stakeholders to obtain their ownership and support.


Successfully execute the change by establishing accountability for results and a sense of urgency for all activities and tasks.

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In a business climate where strategy execution is commoditized and well-intentioned change practitioners routinely rely on off-the-shelf methodologies, we meet our clients where they are. While we are experts in the fundamentals of human dynamics, organizational theory, and advanced strategy execution principles, we adapt and respond to the complex challenges you face. We will partner with you to develop creative solutions to your unique strategy execution needs.

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 – Sir Winston Churchill

As much as we would like to work with you from your earliest stages of transformation planning, we know that’s a rare opportunity. We add value beginning at our landing point, wherever that might be.

We have a great appreciation for the challenges of “running the trains” while simultaneously “laying the tracks” of transformational change. We’ve sat on your side of the table.

We take advantage of our status as an external consultant. We know how to have difficult, yet respectful, conversations with senior-level leaders. We’re confident in our role as influencer, and leave the decision making to our clients.

We embrace technology and look for creative ways to use it in a way that meets the expectations of a 21st-century information age, from communications, to engagement, to metrics, to training.

We understand that transformational change is neither cheap nor easy. We work with you to soberly assess your readiness for change, and then truthfully relate the steps needed to close existing gaps.